Making the Technology Work

At Zen, we’re interested in more than just building a strategy for your company.

We have a strong track record developing and implementing profitable, clean energy solutions across numerous markets.  Browse our services below that can help you put the power of Zen to work for your business and grow your clean energy ideas.

Hydrogen Strategy & Implementation

Zen has deep technical strength in all aspects of the hydrogen value chain, from production, to distribution and storage, to a wide range of end use applications including zero emission fuel cells, synthetic liquid fuels, and blending into natural gas networks. Zen offers strategic technical consulting in this area and is one of the few companies that can offer independent advice rooted in practical hands on experience.

Product Development and Management

Zen works with clients to develop projects, form strategic consortiums, and manage projects from contracting through to execution and reporting. Zen specializes in collaborative projects that involve multiple stakeholders where the team must harmonize end user needs, government funding, and clean technology solutions to develop projects. Through extensive experience managing complex projects, Zen has developed project management tools and operating procedures that result in focussed and efficient project management and risk mitigation for our clients.

Transit Planning Services

Zen works with transit agencies to develop plans to reduce emissions and ultimately transition towards a zero-emission future. We understand the practical constraints of meeting service requirements, infrastructure siting, and operational needs. Zen has developed a proprietary kinetic model which accurately predicts the performance of battery electric and fuel cell electric buses on existing bus routes based on terrain and operational data. We use our modelling capabilities and deep understanding of zero-emission technologies to guide clients in deploying zero emission buses, fueling infrastructure, and supporting facilities.

Government Relations & Project Funding

Zen is proud to have helped clients secure more than $100 million in government funding from a range of funding sources including: the Province of BC, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA), Alberta Innovates, NRCan, IRAP, California Air Resources Board (CARB), US EPA, the Department of Energy, and other notable funding agencies. Zen matches clients’ needs with applicable government agencies and funding cycles and prioritizes funding applications based on probability of success. Zen understands how policy and regulation drive the adoption of clean technology, and has extensive experience working with various levels of government on policy recommendations related to sustainability and climate change.

Commercialization Support for New Technologies

Zen has a deep understanding of the market forces for adoption of new technologies and has worked with a range of clients developing and deploying clean and zero emission technologies in transportation, industrial, and commercial applications. Zen’s experience in this area includes market landscape studies, market entry strategy development, and business plan development. This works brings an in-depth understanding of end use considerations.

Modelling Services

Zen specializes in technical analysis and creating analytical models of complex systems to define the key variables and find solutions for its clients. Zen considers economic factors and drivers by creating techno-economic models to help its clients select the most cost-effective and efficient path forward. We have expertise creating market-wide forecasts to estimate technology adoption based on existing regulations and economic factors, as well as total cost of ownership models to estimate the costs and benefits of specific clean energy projects. Zen specializes in quantifying emissions reductions from the deployment of clean energy technologies at both the pilot and commercial scales. Our models calculate abatement of both greenhouse gases and criteria air contaminants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.