Zen Completes Three Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plans for Transit Agencies and CARB

Zen has recently completed zero-emission bus (ZEB) rollout plans for three transit agencies in California: SunLine Transit, Golden Empire Transit (GET), and Fresno Area Express (FAX). These plans outline a path for each agency to transition their bus fleets to zero-emission in accordance with the Innovative Clean Transit Regulation. SunLine’s plan calls for a complete transition to ZEBs by 2035, while GET and FAX’s plans are designed for completion in 2040. Each plan incorporates a mix of battery and fuel cell electric buses that ensure the agencies will be able to maintain their current level of service while minimizing the transition cost. Key details of the plan include:

  • Schedule and costs associated with the retirement of existing buses and purchasing of new buses
  • Phased plan including estimated costs to install new charging/fuelling equipment to support new ZEBs
  • Overview of upgrades required to meet codes and standards for maintenance facilities to service new ZEBs
  • Estimation of funds available through traditional formula funding sources as well as description of available special grant and voucher funding programs
  • Agency staff training plan

The transition plans were developed collaboratively with the transit agencies to ensure there was buy-in across departments and to align the team moving forward. Zen acted as the sole contractor in developing the SunLine ZEB rollout plan and as a sub-contractor to The LeFlore Group in developing the GET and FAX plans. The SunLine and GET plans are available on the California Air Resources Board Website.

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