SunLine’s Fleet Will be Emission Free by 2035

Zen is proud to have worked with SunLine Transit Agency to develop their Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plan, which was approved by their Board of Directors on June 24. The plan will transition SunLine Transit Agency’s fleet to completely emission free by 2035, five years ahead of California Air Resources Board’s Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation requirement. Zen’s team specializes in transit planning services to help transit agencies decarbonize their fleets and ultimately transition to zero emission vehicles and supporting infrastructure. Zen works with each agency to develop a customized plan that considers operational requirements, facility constraints, capital and operating cost, and fleet performance in the agency’s unique operating environment.  Zen’s proprietary in-house kinetic energy and emissions model brings a quantitative approach to determining the best mix of alternative fuel vehicles for each agency. We are excited to continue working with the SunLine team to move from the planning to implementation phase as SunLine continues to lead in zero emission hydrogen fuel cell electric bus deployments.

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